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By* Libre Services Strategy

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By* Libre Services Strategy

Our vision and plans are lofty, ambitious and extensive. We have spent considerable effort articulating our vision and inviting participation of others. All in one place our full vision as a collection of articles is publicly available in a document titled:

Neda's By* Family of Libre Services
An Instance Example for Non-Material Capitalism
A Vision and a Cooperative Execution Plan

You can obtain this document in the following formats: HTML PDF PS (Postscript) PLPC-110004

The basic underlying principles of our vision are these:

  • The correct model for software is the Free Software model
  • The correct model for Internet Services is the Libre Services model
  • The correct model for a coherent set of Libre Services is the By* unified model

By ``correct'' we mean that these models bring far greater benefits than their proprietary counterparts. The benefits we speak of are not a set of abstract idealizations, conceived without reference to the practical realities of the world. The Free and Libre models bring real and practical benefits to all relevant constituencies, including societal, engineering, and business.

The Free Software model is now well established as a viable reality, and is being energetically moved forward by others. Our strategic vision concerns the second underlying principle: the Libre Services model. Our goal is to establish Libre Services as a viable model for delivery of Internet Services, and eventually as the dominant model, worldwide.

The realization of this ambition has two major dimensions: public, and private.

  • The public dimension. In contrast to the proprietary services model, Libre Services are a commnunal public resource, not owned by anyone, freely available for use by society at large. Development and promotion of the general Libre Services model must therefore take place in a non-commercial, public context. The general Libre Services movement is being led by the Free Protocols Foundation (FPF), a non-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance of patent-free protocols and software. For more information visit the FPF website at:

  • The private dimension. If Libre Services are to come into widespread usage they must be operated, delivered and supported for end users. In practical terms, this is something that must be done by service providers in a private, commercial context. Somewhere in all this there must be a business model that supports delivery of Libre Services to individual users.

    Neda Communications, Inc. is exercising leadership in the commercial arena. We have formulated an appropriate business model, and we are the first company to deploy and operate Libre Services in a commercial context. For more information visit the Neda website at:

The public dimension of this initiative is fully described in a document called the Libre Services Manifesto, written and published by the FPF. This document is available at:

The present document, titled Neda Strategic Direction Statement, provides a complete description of Neda's long-term business direction and strategy. Our strategy is based fundamentally on the Libre Services model, and therefore a complete understanding of our strategy also requires a complete understanding of the Libre Services model. This document therefore includes the Libre Services Manifesto as a subset. This document also includes a description of the commercial constructs Neda has built on top of the Libre Services model. Our goal is to provide in a single document everthing required to understand what we are doing.

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