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Neda Open Business Plan
Business Plan

In what we believe is a first in the history of business practice, we are publishing our business model in the form of an Open Business Plan. The plan is freely available here on our website to be read by anyone.

The current version of our Business Plan is the result of several years of thinking, analysis and development. It is the culmination of a series of previous plans we have written. For historical interest, these are also available here.

2010 -- The By* Family of Libre Services

The 2010 business plan is titled The By* Family of Libre Services: The future of the Internet Services industry. It describes the deployment of the By* services as the new model for delivery of Internet Services, planet-wide. The following versions are available:

2010 -- By* Libre Texting: A Reshaping of the Medium

An extension to the 2010 Business Plan. This document describes By* Libre Texting, the tactical spearhead for broad public introduction of By* Libre Services.

In this document, we show how fully equivalent functionality to existing texting and BlackBerry capabilities can be delivered based exclusively on free software and Libre Services, existing wireless networks (public spectrum), and open PDA hardware platforms (e.g. Nokia n810).

In contrast to Operation Whiteberry and our Q4-2001 Business Plan, which required the mobile phone companies to relinquish their walled garden model, By* Libre Texting is fully self-contained, complete and end-to-end, requiring no external assets or cooperation to deliver truly Libre texting capability. The following versions are available:

Q4-2001 -- The WhiteBerry Mobile Messaging Solution

The Q4-2001 business plan was titled A Billion Dollar Opportunity: Using a new and powerful Wireless Messaging Protocol to capture the Wireless Application Service Provider market. It described the deployment of the WhiteBerry mobile messaging solution.

The current 2010 plan is an evolution and expansion of the previous Q4-2001 WhiteBerry-centric plan. In Q4-2001 we viewed WhiteBerry as a tactical entry point into the Internet Services market. In the 2010 plan we are targetting the Internet Services industry directly, and WhiteBerry has been subsumed as just a single functional component within the broader By* initiative. The following versions are available:


  • Executive Summary (available on request)
  • Full Business Plan (available on request)

Jan 1999

  • Executive Summary (available on request)
  • Full Business Plan (available on request)
To request the older versions of our business plan, please contact us directly.
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