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Our Strategic Vision is large and complex. It is also complete and coherent. It includes a number of distinct components, but these all fit together to form a single, unified whole. The picture may be complex, but it is a complete picture, with no pieces missing, and no pieces left over.

To assist those who wish to understand the big picture, here is a reading roadmap, in the form of an organized summary of all the major components of our Strategic Vision.

Here are the trees, and here is the forest. To look at the trees, click on any of the links below. To look at the forest, step back and think about how all of this fits together.

It should be noted that what we are presenting here is a blueprint for an industry, not the industry itself. The creation of an actual, functioning industry will require the participation of many others. What we are claiming is complete is the blueprint, and the framework for participation. Our Strategic Vision is a work in progress, with different components at different stages of evolution. However these components are are all real, and adequate to move things forward immediately.

There are two related but independent pieces (1) Libre Texting, (2) ByStar Libre Services with the intersection being ByStar Libre Texting.

Getting Started

  • Operation WhiteBerry. The best place to start is by reading Operation WhiteBerry, which describes the WhiteBerry mobile messaging solution. This is the tactical spearhead of our Strategic Vision, and a clear understanding of Operation WhiteBerry goes a long way towards understanding our Strategic Vision in general.


Our Strategic Vision can be called a "protocol-based, industry-building play." The foundation for this is a family of patent-free protocols called the LEAP protocols. These are accompanied by a set of resources to support their maintenance and development, to explain and promote them, and to protect their patent-freedom.

  • ESRO. The Efficient Short Remote Operations (ESRO) protocol has been published as RFC-2188. It is supported by the ESRO maintenance organization at
  • EMSD. The Efficient Mail Submission & Delivery (EMSD) protocol has been published as RFC-2524. It is supported by the EMSD maintenance organization at
  • The LEAP Manifesto. The LEAP Manifesto is a series of articles that describe every aspect of the LEAP family of protocols, including ESRO and EMSD.
  • The LEAP Forum. The LEAP Forum is a central location for information and resources relating to the LEAP protocols. The LEAP protocols are developed and maintained through an open process which preserves their patent-free characteristics.
  • Free Protocols Foundation. The Free Protocols Foundation (FPF) is an independent public forum for the support of patent-free protocols. All the LEAP protocols conform fully to the patent-free requirements of the FPF. The FPF provides a critical mechanism to protect the patent freedom of public protocols.

Subscriber Services

Operation WhiteBerry is the tactical entry point to launch the Libre Services industry. As an initial basis for this industry, we have created a starting-point set of working Libre Services. These are accompanied by resources to explain, promote, and support participation in the Libre Services movement.

  • The Libre Services Manifesto. The Libre Services Manifesto is a series of articles that define and explain the Libre Services concept.
  • The Libre Services Forum. The Libre Services Forum is a central location for information and resources relating to Libre Services.
  • ByName. The world's first Libre Services. ByName provides a complete set of Internet services for the individual user, including a personal domain, personal website, e-mail, integrated support for mobility, and WhiteBerry mobile messaging. Anyone can sign up for a free ByName account and begin enjoying Libre Services today.
  • ByNumber. The ByNumber services provide a complementary set of services to ByName, but based on numeric access. ByNumber allows access to services using devices that are primarily numeric in nature, such as pagers and telephone keypads.
  • ByAlias. ByAlias is available to support users who wish to protect their identity behind an alias. It is a companion service to ByName, providing appropriate services while maintaining full confidentiality.
  • BySMB. BySMB provides similar functionality to the ByName services, but oriented to the needs of the Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) segment.
  • ByWhere. ByWhere provides a set of services that are oriented to physical locations, rather than individual or business entities.
  • ByTopic. ByTopic provides topic-oriented services.
  • Neda Data Center. To support initial deployment of WhiteBerry and Libre Services, we have built our own data center. It is the initial host for the ByName services and WhiteBerry mobile messaging.

Open-Source Software

Protocol patent-freedom is one of the foundations of our Strategic Vision; the other is the use of open-source and free software. These two precepts are the basis for creating a truly open industry. All our WhiteBerry and Libre Services software is freely available as open-source.

  • MailMeAnywhere. All WhiteBerry software is freely available at the MailMeAnywhere open-source software distribution center. MailMeAnywhere also hosts an open public forum for collaborative development of the WhiteBerry software and related integration tools.
  • BySource. A software distribution center for Libre Services, providing software in source form.
  • ByBinary. A software distribution center for Libre Services, providing software executables.

Framework for Participation

The fulfilment of our Strategic Vision requires the participation of many others throughout the industry.

  • Participation. To facilitate the involvement of others, we have created appropriate frameworks for participation by the engineering, business, and investment communities.

The Business Dimension

  • Business Plan. Our Strategic Vision has a very significant business dimension. In what we believe is a first in the history of business practice, we have published an Open Business Plan.
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