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System Integration

System Integration We are experts in the integration of software components to create robust solutions for our clients. We are experienced in the use of both open-source and proprietary software components, and as necessary we can make use of both external software, and our own array of software components. Over the years we have accumulated an extensive body of versatile, modular software building blocks that can readily be applied to our clients' projects.

We have extensive integration experience on a wide variety of platforms, including various implementations of Unix/Linux.

In developing solutions for our clients, we constantly maintain a proper focus on the key requirements of scalability, reliability, and cost. Our experience, and our emphasis on the use of known and tested hardware and software components, allow us to deliver quality systems with minimum total cost of ownership.

To see examples of our previous systems integration work, please visit the following sites:

  • ByName. The ByName Services are a set of subscriber services we created as a showcase for our systems integration capabilities. They provide a complete set of subscriber services for the individual user, and are available free of charge as a public service by Neda. They are also the world's first Libre Services—they are built exclusively using open-source and free software components.
  • Talk to US. Talk to US is a global video forum, demonstrating our ability to build complex, demanding applications, such as those requiring streaming video.
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