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Neda Communications, Inc.

Neda Communications, Inc.


Neda Communications, Inc. is a provider of consulting services, specialized Internet services, and software engineering services to the data communications industry.

Our domain. We are experts in data communications, web services, messaging and mobile computing.

Our capabilities. We are a one-stop, full-service shop. We provide our clients with consulting services, web hosting, and custom software engineering, supported by our own extensive family of software products.

Our values. We are committed to the principles of open-source and free software, and are long-time, active participants in the open-source software movement. We are experts in the integration of free software components into effective solutions for our clients.

Neda Consulting Services
We provide a full spectrum of consulting services, from high-level strategic analysis all the way down to detailed engineering implementation.

Neda Internet Services
We provide complete data center support for those clients who require this. We are the originators and pioneers of the radical new concept of Libre Services.

Neda Free Software
Where appropriate, we use open-source and free software to very great advantage. We maintain our own distribution centers to facilitate active development and integration of free software components.
Neda News
  • Operation WhiteBerry
    WhiteBerry is an open alternative to BlackBerry, and all other closed and proprietary mobile messaging solutions. Everything you need to begin enjoying free mobile messaging is available today. Come and get it!
  • Talk to US is a global video forum and a Libre Service. This service demonstrates the ability of the Libre Services model to maintain a video gallery and support streaming video.
  • Document Management System
    We have built a custom Document Management System for Seattle Specialty Insurance Services, converting their existing paper storage model into a state-of-the-art digital storage model.
  • ...more Neda news...
WhiteBerry News
  • MailMeAnyWhere
    Everything needed to implement WhiteBerry is freely available, in binary and source form, at the MailMeAnywhere software distribution center.
  • Libre WhiteBerry
    WhiteBerry has been fully integrated into the Libre Services model. It is now a standard service available to individuals (ByName) and Small-to-Medium Businesses (BySMB).
  • ...more WhiteBerry news...
Libre Services News
  • ByName Services
    The world's first Libre Services! ByName provides a comprehensive set of computing and communications services, oriented to the needs of the individual user, and based entirely on free software. Sign up for your free account today!
  • BySMB Services
    BySMB provides similar services to the ground-breaking ByName service, but catering to the needs of the Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) segment.
  • Libre Fax
    The Libre Fax service, now standard in ByName and BySMB, provides incoming and outgoing fax transmission capability based entirely on free software.
  • ...more Libre Services news...
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