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Protocols are a key enabling component of the data communications industry. Protocols create reliable interoperability across an entire industry, allowing implementation of products and services by multiple independent vendors.

In order to play this role, protocols must be known, trusted, reliable, and above all, free from any kind of usage restrictions. In particular, protocols must patent-free. The presence of patents within a protocol places restrictions on its implementation and usage, and therefore compromises its purpose as an industry enabler.

We fully subscribe to the principles of the Free Protocols Foundation regarding protocol patent freedom.

Neda Protocols

We are the authors of several data communications protocols, as listed below. We have made patent-free declations via the Free Protocols Foundation for all the following protocols.

  • Efficient Short Remote Operations (ESRO). This protocol was published as Internet RFC-2188 in September 1997. ESRO is supported by the maintenance organization.

  • Efficient Mail Submission and Delivery (EMSD). This protocol was published as Internet RFC-2524 in February 1999. EMSD is supported by the maintenance organization.

  • Lightweight & Efficient Application Protocols (LEAP). LEAP is the name for a family of protocols which comprises ESRO, EMSD, and other protocols currently under development. LEAP is a set of high-performance, efficient protocols that are ideal for mobile and wireless applications. The LEAP protocols are mainstream IP, patent-free, and truly open. For more information please visit the LEAP Forum.

Operation WhiteBerry

The LEAP protocols are the basis for the WhiteBerry open mobile messaging solution. WhiteBerry provides equivalent functionality to the proprietary BlackBerry messaging product, but based on a truly open model. WhiteBerry is a fully operational mobile messaging solution, implemented using existing open-source software implementations of the LEAP protocols, and existing off-the-shelf hardware components.

For complete details please see our Operation WhiteBerry white paper. To implement your own WhiteBerry solution, please visit the Operation WhiteBerry Resource Center.

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