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The material on this page is part of a model for securing private, as opposed to public, investment. The material presented here does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase.

The following is the text of our financing solicitation email. This email has been sent out to multiple qualified investors and qualified investor groups, nationwide. As a point of record, we reproduce the text of the email here on our website. If you have arrived at our website as a qualified investor, this is a good place to start reading.

Transcript of Financing Solicitation Email

  • Subject: Neda Communications, By* Libre Services: financing solicitation

This is a formal solicitation for venture capital financing. If you are not a venture capitalist, angel investor, or otherwise qualified investor, please disregard this email.

The Executive Summary of our business plan, and the full business plan, are available on our website at:

Our business plan is unconventional in a number of respects. Not least of these is that it is an Open Business Plan, intended for wide readership among multiple constituencies: engineering, business, investment, academia, the media, and the public. An Open Business Plan is a radical departure from traditional business practice. This changes many things, including the interplay between entrepreneur and investor. This initial financing solicitation is being distributed to numerous potential investors, nationwide. As a recipient of this email, you are one among many.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are Neda Communications, Inc., a small Internet Application Services company. Small, but with grand ambitions.

The Concept

Though few understand this, two transformative events are currently taking place within the software industry. First, the proprietary software model is being overtaken by the free software model. And second, software applications are undergoing a radical shift to a service-based implementation and usage model.

These two events set the stage for a third: the uniting of the powerful generative forces of the free software model, with the gigantic revenue engines of the Internet Services industry. The result of this union will be a revolutionary transformation of this entire industry. And, for the people who understand how to exploit this union, a business opportunity of global magnitude.

We are the visionaries and architects behind a radically new, non-proprietary model for delivery of Internet Services. We call this the Libre Services model. Libre Services are an extension of the principles of free software into the Internet Services domain. They are Internet services that can be freely copied and reused by anyone. The Libre Services model exists in relation to the proprietary Internet services model of AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and Google, in an analogous way to how GNU/Linux exists in relation to Microsoft Windows.

The Libre model is one component of our service delivery model. There is a second component, equally radical, and equally transformative. This is the By* (pronounced "by-star") unified services model. Whereas Libre Services is a development and deployment model, By* is a functional implementation model. By* unifies and makes consistent a large number of services that currently exist in functional isolation. It is a coherent, integrated family of services, providing the user with a comprehensive, all-encompassing Internet experience. The By* family presently includes ByName, ByAlias, ByMemory, BySMB/ForSMB, BySource and ByBinary. By* is the model for a new generation of Internet services, far bigger and far better than the uncoordinated mishmash of services that exists today. It is the Internet Services industry, done right.

The By* Libre Services model has enormous potential. It can become the new model for delivery of Internet services, at the scale of the entire planet. Our ambition is to lead By* forward to the full realization of this potential.

This is a model play. This is not about a conventional product or service, as these are commonly defined and bounded. What we are doing goes far beyond that. This is about the reinvention of an entire industry. And not just any industry: the global Internet Services industry. This is big, complex, and ambitious. And nothing like it has ever been done before.

Where We Are Today

Your introduction to this extraordinary venture is provided by our Executive Summary, which provides a high-level overview of what we are doing in 23 pages of lucid exposition. And that's just the beginning. The opportunity before you is not for the intellectually lazy, nor for the investor with a short attention span.

Our business plan is backed up by extensive documentation, websites, and functioning services. We have spent the past seven years working on this initiative, and we have created a comprehensive set of assets to turn our ambitions into reality.

The intellectual foundation for this initiative is complete and fully documented in the form of a comprehensive set of documents titled, Neda's By* Family of Libre-Halaal Services, available at: This set of documents provides a detailed description of every aspect of this initiative, including the Libre Services model, the By* unified services model, and the business model.

Beyond the theoretical underpinnings, our implementation of all this is now well advanced. Libre Services and By* are not just empty theory—they are real constructs that we have built and are delivering to real clients today.

Overarching design architecture for the By* services is complete. It is also implemented sufficiently for someone with appropriate technical skills to understand its integrity and philosophy of design, and its architectural characteristics in terms of vastness of functional scope, and planet-wide numerical scalability.

Implementation of the By* services themselves is in progress, and will continue for decades to come. However, we have implemented an initial basis set of services, and these are already sufficiently complete for deployment and real-world usage. These are more than sufficient to demonstrate the reality of this, and to provide a big-picture view of By* and where it is going.

The Executive Summary includes a comprehensive set of pointers to the many websites and services we have built. We invite you to take a look for yourself, and verify that we have built what we say we have built.

Now We Need You

We have built a sophisticated machine, that when set into motion, can redefine the entire global Internet. And we have done this on our own, without any external financing, based entirely on our own determination, hard work, and committment.

But we now stand at a critical point in our development. On our own we can deploy the services and begin to generate revenues. But we cannot sweep this initiative forward to the full realization of its potential swiftly and with certainty. We cannot exploit the multiplicity of By* revenue opportunities intensively and in parallel. And we cannot deploy By* at the planet-wide scale for which it is intended.

As a small team, we have brought things to where they are now. But now is the time to bring in others and scale up. Without external financing our ability to exploit this enormous business opportunity is desperately limited. But with the right investment, and the right investors, we can profit in a huge way.

This venture is completely without historical precedent, and we know that this represents a significant barrier to investor participation. The non-proprietary Libre Services model is radically different to the existing proprietary services model, and completely at odds with standard business orthodoxy. Like any complex new idea, the Libre Services model, and its extraordinary implications, takes time to think about, absorb, and understand fully. Some people will get it sooner; others will get it later.

To many, the scale of this venture will appear implausible and unrealistic. If you fall into that category, then please pass our Open Business Plan along to the next investor.

In the meantime, we will continue to move this effort forward. We are building something big, and this requires collective participation. As the leaders of this collective effort, it is our responsibility to broadcast this initiative, and invite others to join us. This financing solicitation is targetted to the investment community, represents the first step in our broadcast campaign. It will be followed by multiple further stages of exposure, as we present the many elements of this initiative to other relevant constituencies: the engineering community, the business community, the academic community, and the media.

We'll keep you posted. And as we continue to move things forward, at appropriate moments we will repeat our financing solicitation to the investment community.

As entrepreneurs, we have done our job in creating and presenting this extraordinary opportunity. As investors, we now expect you to do yours.

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