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Our Model

Our Model
Our Model The following is a description of a model for securing private investment. The material presented on this page does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase.

We are engaged in an industry-building enterprise. In fact, we are building two industries: first, the Open Mobile Messaging industry, then beyond that, the Open Subscriber Services industry. An enterprise as large and complex as this requires many components, and many participants. In particular, an enterprise of this scope requires the participation of investors.

For various reasons, however, we are not following the conventional model for early-stage private investment. A detailed discussion of the deficiencies of the conventional model, and our reasons for rejecting it, is presented in our investment philosophy. Among other things, we consider this model to be subject to excessive control and exploitation by professional venture capital investors.

This enterprise is not simply about creating wealth. It is also about building something of genuine and enduring value. We are unwilling to have this effort exploited, corrupted, sidetracked, or in any way diminished by the wrong kind of investor.

An open investment model

For the reasons documented in our investment philosophy, we are not actively soliciting engagement with the venture capital community, or with any other individual investor. Instead, we are following a model which permits participation by any qualified investor.

Rather than soliciting closed-door meetings with investors, we are publishing, here on our website, everything necessary for a potential investor to make an initial evaluation of Neda as an investment opportunity.

This includes our business plan. In what we believe is a first in the history of business practice, we are publishing an Open Business Plan. Anyone may read our business plan in its entirety, and decide for themselves whether to participate or not. We are also publishing biographies of all Neda principals, descriptions of all our assets, and very much more. All of this will enable any interested participant to understand who we are, what we are doing, and how we will do it.

Persuasion vs. resonance

The traditional investment model includes a significant element of persuasion. In the closed investment model, based on a confidential business plan, entrepreneurs seek out one-on-one meetings with individual investors, and try to sell themselves and their company. They present their business plan, and try to persuade the investor that they have the people and assets to execute it.

Especially in the case of a plan as large and complex as ours, this requires a tremendous effort. An entrepreneur can reasonably invest this effort in at most a handful of potential investors.

Furthermore, whenever anything must be sold, truth and objectivity are compromised. Persuasion requires the painting of an optimistic picture, and by definition, optimism is inaccurate.

In contrast to the closed investment model, our open model is based not on persuasion within a small audience, but on resonance within a large one. Rather than attempting to exercise active persuasion upon a limited number of investors, we are seeking a unique organic resonance from within a large population of investors.

We are seeking honest investors who find what we are doing inherently compelling on the basis of its own merits. We are seeking investors who understand our model, why it will succeed, and the gigantic business opportunity it represents. And we are seeking investors who not only have a healthy interest in the prospect of creating wealth, but who also share our interest in creating something of genuine value.

In our open investment model, the entire global investor demographic is free to come and take a look. And as in the case of dating, with the right two partners, very little persuasion is required.

An open investment model is better for us, better for the right investor, better for the industry, and better for the consumer. In short, an open investment model is better for everyone except for those who have traditionally exploited the closed investment model.

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