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LEAP LEAP: The Lightweight & Efficient Application Protocols, or LEAP, is a set of high-performance, efficient protocols which are ideal for mobile and wireless applications. The LEAP protocols are mainstream IP, patent-free, and truly open.

   LEAP -- Efficient Short Remote Operations (ESRO) Technology:

Efficient Short Remote Operations (ESRO) protocol provides reliable connectionless remote operation services on top of UDP (or any other non-reliable connectionless transport service) with minimum overhead ESRO protocol supports segmentation and reassembly, concatenation and separation as well as multiplexing for service users (applications).


ESRO-j2me is a JAVA version of ESRO.

   LEAP -- Efficient Mail Submission and Delivery - User Agent:

The EMSD User Agent is composed of a number of cooperating modules. Some modules cooperate by one module calling functions in another module as needed. Other modules cooperate via a call-back methodology where functions in one module are registered with another module, so that when a particular event or action occurs, the registered function will be called.

   LEAP -- Efficient Mail Submission and Delivery - Server Agent:

The EMSD-Server Agent (EMSD-SA) Daemon will have two components: emsd-sa-deliver and emsd-sa-submit. The From address and other EMSD address translations are made here. The EMSD Server Agent converts the EMSD format message to RFC-822 and vice versa.

   LEAP -- MailMeAnywhere Development:

MailMeAnywhere Development (mmaDev) is a collection of modules.....
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