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External Software We make extensive use of free software components, both as part of our own development environment, and as building blocks for use in our clients' projects.

In our development environment we make daily use of the following free software:

Debian GNU/Linux

  • sarge -- Our choice of the stable platform

Messaging Software Components

  • qmail -- Our choice of MTA
  • ezmlm -- Our choice of mailing list manager
  • mhonarc -- Our choice of email web publisher
  • courier -- Our choice of imap/pop server
  • spamassassin -- part of our spam control model
  • imp -- Our previous choice for web mail
  • webmail -- Our choice for Web Mail functionality
  • hylafax -- Enhanced and integrated with Libre MCR-DMS, ByName, BySMB as Libre-Hylafax

Web Software Components

  • apache -- Our choice of web server
  • tomcat -- For when we do Java
  • php
  • jetspeed -- Enhanced and integrated as Libre-Jetspeed
  • velocity
  • gallery

User Environments

  • emacs -- Not just an editor. An integrated environment. A religion
  • xemacs -- All religions branch off
  • Mozilla -- Browsers in due time will become user environments


  • postgreSQL

Foundation Software

  • Debian Linux
  • djbdns
  • daemontools
  • ucspi
  • ssh
  • rsync
  • samba


  • GNU Tool Suite. Emacs is the primary editor that we use for almost all text editing purposes. We do most of our work within the emacs environment. Our primary compiler is gcc.

  • Perl. A powerful programming language. Much of our custom code is written in Perl.

  • LaTeX. Most of our documentation is written using LaTeX. LaTex is a high-quality typesetting system, incorporating sophisticated capabilities designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. It is the {\em de facto} standard for the publication of scientific documents.

  • LaTeX2HTML. This is a Perl program that converts LaTeX documents into hypertext (HTML) format for web browsers. We make extensive use of the LaTeX2HTML translator for many of our web sites.

  • Apache. All our web servers run Apache. Apache has evolved into a highly reliable system that matches or exceeds almost all other UNIX-based HTTP servers in terms of functionality, efficiency, and speed.
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