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Our Data Center

Our Data Center

We have a fully functional Data Center available to support clients who require this. The Data Center is a state-of-the-art facility built within a secure, fully detached building. About 700 square feet of concrete floor space is available for rack and shelf mount server assemblies and all required support equipment.

The Data Center meets all the customary specifications, including:

  • Redundant stable power for all critical equipment
  • Backup generator to guarantee uninterrupted power at all times
  • UPS capacity to ensure uninterrupted transition to generator power
  • Redundant Internet connections from multiple independent service providers
  • Secure access-controlled building, monitored by security cameras
  • Cat5e and Cat6 wiring throughout, air conditioning, rack mount and shelf mount hardware, etc.
There are no single points of failure for any of the provided utilities.

A consulting shop of our size does not typically maintain its own data center. We have built the Data Center as a specialized resource for two purposes:

  • To provide our clients with complete Internet service integration. We can provide a fully customized, start-to-finish solution to clients requiring any type of Internet presence. With our own Data Center, we are a true one-stop, full-service shop for specialized Internet services. Whatever our clients want, we can do it.
  • As an asset required to implement our long-term strategic vision. The Data Center is the initial host for the WhiteBerry mobile messaging service and the ByName services—the world's first Libre Services.


Electrical power is delivered to the Data Center from two independent underground power sources.

The primary utility power supply is backed up by a 15 kW generator through an auto-transfer switch. Full generator power is available within 60 seconds following a utility power interruption.

The Data Center is supplied with a total of 11,000 VA of UPS (Uninteruptable Power Supply) to maintain all critical hardware components during the transition to generator power. The UPS constantly monitors and regulates the power supply to ensure that all critical equipment always receives clean and stable 120-volt power.

Network Connectivity

The Data Center is connected to multiple data links, from multiple independent service providers. The physical lines are all underground, and there are no single points of failure.

Climate Control

The Data Center is equipped with air conditioners to maintain a constant cool temperature at all times.

Physical Security

The Data Center is secure, locked, and monitored by security cameras and on-site Neda staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access is permitted only by authorized personnel.

A Typical Rack

We provide both rack mount and shelf mount hardware configurations.
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