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Libre Services

In 2002 we introduced the concept of Libre Services to the world. Libre Services are an extension of the principles of the Free Software movement to the domain of Internet Application Services. Libre Services grant the same liberties to Internet Application Services that the Free Software movement grants to software: they are Internet Application Services that may be freely copied, reproduced, extended, and redistributed in their entirety.

The Libre Services model exists in relationship to the current proprietary ASP model (AOL, MSN, Yahoo), in an analogous way to how GNU/Linux exists in relation to Microsoft Windows. Both Libre Services and GNU/Linux are open and free models, and both have enormous latent power for organic, collective growth. Both models will eventually overtake and supplant their proprietary antagonists completely.

This is already happening with GNU/Linux; the same thing will happen with Libre Services. This will not happen soon; as in the case of Microsoft Windows, the struggle for survival of the proprietary ASP model will be long and ferocious. But eventually, this will happen.

We have created various assets to promote and support Libre Services, and we have built and deployed the world's first Libre Services: the ByName services.

Libre Services for Individuals

To meet the needs of the individual user, we have created the ByName, ByNumber and ByAlias services. For more information, visit:

Libre Services for Corporations

To meet the needs of the Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) segment, we have created BySMB. For more information, visit:

Supplementary Libre Services

Providing supplementary services for both individuals and corporations, we have created ByWhere (providing location-based services), and ByTopic (providing topic-oriented services). For more information, visit:

Resources to Promote Libre Services

Various resources are available to introduce, explain and promote the Libre Services model. These include:

  • The Libre Services Manifesto. The Libre Services Manifesto is the basic defining document for Libre Services, providing a complete description of the concept and philosophy. The Libre Services Manifesto is available at:
  • The Free Protocols Foundation. By definition, Libre Services are based exclusively on patent-free protocols. The Free Protocols Foundation exists to support the creation, promotion and protection of patent-free protocols. For more information, visit:

Resources for Deployment of Libre Services

To support deployment and usage of Libre Services, we have created the following distribution centers for Libre Services software:   (for software in source form) (for software executables) (the WhiteBerry Resource Center) (for voice response and telephony resources)

The Future of Libre Services

Libre Services have tremendous economic and business ramifications, and, we believe, represent the ultimate future of the Internet ASP industry. Libre Services can be provided to individuals and corporations in any of three major delivery models:

  • Hosted Libre Services
  • Franchised, colocated Libre Services
  • Franchised, on-premise Libre Services
Our work thus far has been directed primarily towards supporting the hosted delivery model, but we have also created basic placeholder assets to support the franchised delivery models.

What we have created so far is only a starting point, and the Libre Services concept has a long way to go to reach maturity. However, various elements of Libre Services are ready to use today as plug-and-play components, including:

  • Libre Message Centers: qmail, djbdns, courier, imp, SpamAssassin
  • Libre Web services: Apache, Tomcat, Jetspeed, JSP, Hibernate
  • WhiteBerry: An open and free alternative to BlackBerry
  • Libre Wi-Fi: Linux Routing, MobileIP, AAA
While our ultimate vision for Libre Services will take some time to accomplish, these components are ready for immediate deployment as practical solutions.

Participating in Libre Services

We welcome the participation of others in the Libre Services movement. Interested persons can participate in any of the following ways:

  • To try out Libre Services for yourself, either as an individual or a corporation, the assets are already in place for this. To sign up for an individual Libre Service account, visit

  • To become a ByName franchisee, all the software necesary for this is available at the above software distribution sites.

  • To deploy any of the Libre Services components as part of an application of your own, the assets required for this are also ready and available. Feel free to contact us regarding your project; we are interested in hearing about new applications of the Libre Services concept, and we may be able to offer assistance.
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