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Franchised Libre Services

Franchised Libre Services The Libre Services model lends itself readily to a franchise type of operation. That is, an entire Libre Service (such as the Neda ByName service) can be delivered in toto to be managed and operated by an independent entity. There are many situations in which this makes practical and economic sense. For example, a large enterprise company may wish to set up and provide the Libre Service to its own employees, customized and enhanced if necessary for its own requirements. Or a foreign government may wish to provide the Libre Service to its citizens, again, with whatever customizations and enhancements it considers necessary. Or a private ASP company may wish to operate the service for subscribers in another country, or other distinct geographical area.

And many other examples. In fact, since a Libre Service may be freely copied and reproduced in its entirety, anyone who wishes to can operate and deliver the service to their own set of subscribers. In effect, the Libre Services model allows anyone to become their own ASP.

When a Libre Service is packaged and delivered to an independent entity, to be operated by that entity in accordance with a set of terms defined by the parent entity, this is referred to as a Franchised Libre Service.

Any of Neda's Libre Services may be franchised, including:

If you are interested in becoming a Neda Libre Services franchisee, please contact us directly.

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