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Neda Small Business IT Services

Neda offers a variety of IT (Information Technology) services to Small Businesses. The range that our definition of Small Business covers is from that of a one-person shop to an independently owned and operated organization with a staff of about 50.

Neda provides two types of Small Business IT services.

  1. Flexible Care is a pay-as-you-go IT service that helps you maintain business advantage in the midst of changing conditions.
  2. Full-Service Managed Care is a full range IT service, where we take responsibility for proper operation of most of your services. Neda operates its own Data Center, LibreCenter, through which we also can take care of your private cloud requirements.

Neda Small Business IT Services are structured around a well defined model.

1  Neda’s Model For Analyzing Small Business IT Services

In our model, your Small Business IT Services are structured in 3 parts. These are:

  1. Usage Environments – Desktop, Laptop, Netbooks, Tablets and Handsets.
  2. On-Premise Intrant Services.
  3. Private Cloud Internet Services.

These are of course very inter-related. Viewing these in parts permits us to better analyze the structure of what is needed to address your computing and communication requirements.

1.1  Usage Environments – Desktops, Laptops, Netpads and Handsets

By “usage environments” we mean the computer, software and network that you use to address your computing and communication needs and to access network resources and services.

We provide support for the following usage environment platforms:

  • Linux – Ubuntu (Desktops, Laptops)
  • Microsoft Windows (Desktops, Laptops)
  • Android (Tablets, Handsets)

1.2  On-Premise Intrant Services

By “On-Premise Intrant Services”, we mean the services that are delivered by servers that are physically located in your own office.

We further structure your on-premise Intrant services, into:

  • Common Office Services. For example, File Servers, Print Servers, Scan Servers, Fax Servers, VPN access to your intranet, WiFi access-points.
  • Line Of Business Applications. For example, TDO (The Digital Office) for endodontists.

1.3  Private Cloud Internet Services

By “Private Cloud Internet Services”, we mean the services that are usually provided by an Application Service Provider. These include web site hosting and email services.

2  Analysis Of Your IT Environment By Neda

We start each and every project by listening. And we continue to listen.

As a first step, we like to visit your office. We focus on understanding what is already working well, and what is problematic.

Based on the information and our analysis we usually then send you a proposal. In that proposal, we typically include the Neda one-stop full service option.

3  The Neda One-Stop Full Service Option

If we were your IT department and we had all the resources that Neda has, how would we be running your IT services?

The answer to that question is the Neda one-stop full service option.

3.1  Overview Of Your ByStar Private Cloud Internet Services

Neda Internet Services are based on ByStar.

Libre-Halaal ByStar Autonomous Services – – are services that are based on pure Free and Open Source Software. All ByStar Services are internally transparent. They are designed to preserve your Autonomy and your Privacy. Unlike proprietary services which are owned and controlled by the Application Service Provider, your entire ByStar service belongs to you.

Our underlying ideology for your ByStar private cloud Internet services are very different from the usual proprietary economic model. We encourage you to read an overview of ByStar ideology presented in in

Your private cloud internet services will be based on ByStar. Your private cloud internet services will be hosted at Neda’s LibreCenter.

Ideology aside, in terms of capability our private cloud internet services match or surpass features and capabilities of large ASPs. Our server platforms are all based on the solid Debian GNU/Linux platform.

3.1.1  Your ByStar Web Hosting Services

ByStar web services include:

  • A Content Management System based website – with both public and private access. [Plone based]
  • A conventional public web-site. [Apache based]
  • Content publication services. [Plone based – ploneProc Customizations]
  • A photo gallery. [galleria based]
  • Mobile web-sites. [jQuery Mobile based]

3.1.2  Your ByStar Email Services

ByStar Email Services include:

  • Mail Transfer Service (MTA). [qmail based]
  • Mail Access Service. [Secure Courier IMAP based]
  • WebMail Service. [SquirrelMail based]
  • Mailing List Services. [Ezmlm based]
  • Mailing Distributions. [Gnus based]

3.1.3  Your ByStar Web Development Services

We provide complete web sites and web application development to clients who prefer that we develop their site.

3.2  Overview Of Your On-Premise Intrant Services

Your on-premise intrant services will be provided based on the solid Debian GNU/Linux platform. We package a complete virtual machine which include all ByStar cloud services for deployment in your office.

3.2.1  ByStar Intranet Print Services

Standard Debian printing services are complete and comprehensive. Most printers are well supported.

3.2.2  ByStar Intranet File Services

Samba 4 provides file services to MS Windows clients.

3.2.3  ByStar Intranet Scan Services

ByStar intranet scan services are provided through SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy). Most scanners are well supported.

3.2.4  ByStar Intranet Fax Services

ByStar intranet fax services are provided through HylaFax. We typically provide the fax modems to be used.

3.2.5  ByStar Intranet Web Services

The very same web hosting services that were described in Section 3.1.1 are also available inside of your intranet.

3.2.6  ByStar Intranet VPN Services

ByStar intranet VPN services are based on openvpn. Intranet VPN services enable you to access your intranet network, file servers and workstations remotely.

3.2.7  Internet Access and WiFi Hotspot Services

We work with you to choose the best Internet service providers. We make sure that your firewalls are properly secured. We make sure that your WiFi hotspot services are secure and optimized.

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