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Libre Texting: A Reshaping of the Medium

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Libre Texting

A Reshaping of the Medium

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Dated: January 2, 2009
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Author(s): Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude
Organization: Neda Communications, Inc
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This presentation document describes Libre Texting, a completely non-proprietary implementation of mobile texting.

Existing mobile texting implementations (telephony SMS, and mobile email solutions such as BlackBerry) are walled-garden implementations, closely protected by patents, copyright, trade secrecy, and proprietary protocols.

By contrast Libre Texting is implemented using public wireless spectrum, open networks, off-the-shelf generic hardware components, patent-free protocols, and 100% free software. The result is a mobile texting solution with no closed or proprietary dependencies. It can be implemented by any company or organization immediately, either for in-house use, or for commercial delivery to end users.

In addition to being a stand-alone application, Libre Texting is also part of something much bigger: it is the tactical spearhead for introduction of the By* Libre Services.

In this presentation we provide an analysis of the mobile texting medium, and enumerate all the components necessary to implement this as a truly Libre solution. These include: public wireless spectrum, wireless Internet, patent-free efficient texting protocols, open texting devices, free device software, and matching Internet service software. All these components exist and are in place today.

We have implemented a Libre solution using a Linux PDA (Nokia 810), local WiFi for wireless device connectivity, and our own Libre Texting message center. The result is complete, end-to-end Libre Texting functionality. In situations where local WiFi is not available, we use MURS public wireless spectrum for wide area connectivity. During the presentation we provide a live demonstration.

The following documents provide additional information related to this presentation.

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