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Client List

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Client List

The following is a list of some of the clients for whom we have done work over the years. This list is by no means comprehensive. Some of our clients wish their project details to remain confidential; such clients are not listed below.

We can provide names of references on request.

    Contract Period 2007
    Services             Test Automation.

  • Vidiator
    Contract Period 2007
    Services             Systems Integration Support.

  • The Technical Commitee
    Contract Period 2006
    Services             Protocol Analysis on behalf of the Depratment of Justice in the Microsoft anti-trust case.

  • Seven
    Contract Period 2005
    Services             Defense against patent.

  • Howrey LLP
    Contract Period 2005-Present
    Services             Defense against patent.

  • Winston & Straw LLP
    Contract Period 2005-Present
    Services             Defense against patent.

  • Northern Axis Trading, Inc. -- Canada
    Contract Period 2005-Present
    Services             Custom web design, web hosting.

  • Talk to US
    Contract Period 2004%G–%@2005
    Services             Web development, video processing, web hosting.

  • Seattle Specialty Insurance Services
    Contract Period 2003%G–%@Present
    Services             Disaster Recovery.

  • XYpoint Corporation (now TeleCommunication Systems)
    Contract Period 1999%G–%@2001
    Services             Various projects relating to

  • INETCO Systems
    Contract Period 1999
    Services             Portation of ESRO Software source package to Windows NT.

  • Sierra Wireless
    Contract Period 1997%G–%@1998
    Services             Software portation for circuit-switched CDPD protocol. Software design and development for embedded systems.

  • Geotek Communications
    Contract Period 1997%G–%@1998
    Services             Analysis of Global Positioning System (GPS) application.

  • AT& T Wireless Data Division (WDD)
    Contract Period 1992%G–%@1997
    Services             Development of CDPD specification. Planning of CDPD network deployment. Development of CDPD applications.

  • AT& T Messaging
    Contract Period 1994%G–%@1997
    Services             Design and development of Narrowband PCS and PACT protocol. Design and development of two-way paging systems and devices.

  • AT& T Corporate
    Contract Period 1993%G–%@1995
    Services             Services relating to IS-41

  • CDPD Forum (now Wireless Data Forum)
    Contract Period 1992%G–%@1993
    Services             Development of specifications for CDPD systems.

  • Data Critical
    Contract Period 1995
    Services             Development of wireless data applications.

  • Electronic Mail Association (now Electronic Messaging Association)
    Contract Period 1992
    Services             Surveys of Internet e-mail technology.

  • Emulex
    Contract Period 1991%G–%@1993
    Services             Development of data communications protocols.

  • Motorola-WDG
    Contract Period 1991
    Services             Portations of wireless modem software.
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