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Incorporation History

Neda Communications, Inc. was initially founded in 1991. In 1999, however, the company was reincorporated as a new legal entity, properly structured to receive external financing. The law firm of Van Valkenberg Furber Law Group (VVFLG) created a state-of-the-art corporate structure for Neda, including an appropriate framework for financing.

Legally, therefore, the company has existed since 1999. However, it has technology and business assets representing a much longer period. In terms of personnel, operations and assets, the company has unbroken continuity since 1991.

Neda has obtained all necessary federal and state permits and licenses to operate its facilities.

Operational History

From 1991 until 1997, Neda operated as a data communications consulting company, specializing in Internet and wireless applications.

Starting in 1994 and continuing until early 1997, Neda did a significant amount of work for AT&T Wireless Services, designing and implementing mobile messaging software and systems, for use over Narrowband PCS and CDPD wireless networks.

In 1997, Neda made a very significant shift in its operational activities. By this time Neda had recognized the future importance and potential of the mobile messaging industry, and had also come to understand that development of this technology was being neglected by the industry at large.

Neda therefore made a key strategic decision: it would work independently to develop the assets required to create this industry. Accordingly, in 1997 Neda substantially curtailed its consulting activities, and since then has been actively developing the assets required to enable the Open Mobile Messaging industry, and beyond that, the Libre Services industry.

As the assets required for this neared completion in early 2004, Neda reprised its consulting activities, and once again began to accept significant consulting projects.

At the present time Neda is actively doing consulting work, while continuing to develop the assets required to implement its long-term strategic vision. The consulting projects we are accepting are limited to those that have a high degree of synergy with our strategic vision.

Investment History

To date, Neda has received no external financing. The company has been financed entirely by revenue from its own operations, and by investment by the founder, Mr. Mohsen Banan.

During the period from 1991 to 1997, Neda was financed by on-going operations.

During the period from 1998 to 2003, development of strategic assets was financed by the company's cash reserves, supplemented by investment by the founder.

At the present time, continuing development of strategic assets is being financed by revenues from on-going company operations, consisting of consulting services, sales of software licenses, and the provision of Internet services.

Ownership Status

At present Neda is entirely privately held. The majority stockholder is the founder. Minority stockholders include a small number of key employees, plus several individuals and companies who have made important contributions.
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