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BLEE The ByStar Libre Emacs Environment

BLEE The ByStar Libre Emacs Environment

A Published Libre Record

BLEE (ByStar Libre Emacs Environment):

A Deeply Integrated Emacs User Environment For the Software-Service Continuum

LinuxFest NW 2011

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Dated: April 29, 2011
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Author(s): Mohsen BANAN
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Emacs is far more than just an editor. Viewing Emacs as an Editor Centered User Environment is only the beginning of recognizing its power. Beyond a user environment, we have been using Emacs as Software-Service Integration Framework for many years. We are now in the process of packaging the entire environment as the ultimate User Environment For the Software-Service Continum. This package we call BLEE. The By* Libre Emacs Environment. Blee goes beyond Emacs by fully integrating Emacs and Firefox/Iceweasel and all of Linux apps underneath it. BLEE features include: – Emacs <—-> Firefox (two way integration) – Inside of Firefox: edit everything through Emacs, Send emails using Emacs+Gnus, … – Inside of Emacs: write html and view it in native firefox in realtime, View all your Gnus email messages in full html in firefox, … Think of Emacs and Firefox as joint sisters. They are all you need. – Incredible Email capabilities Built on top of Gnus. Awsome Multi-Mailbox and Multi-Address support provided with ByStar. Great Anti-Spam capabilities, Search Capabilities, Scoring based on full integration with the address book. Mailing lists access through News with Gmane. – Organizational Tools the likes of which exists no where else: Address Book: bbdb (Big Brother DataBase), Calendar/Diary, Org Mode: To Do Lists, Worklogs, Dynamic Blocks, – Full Integration With dict (Multi-Lingual Dictionaries, Thesarus, …), Powerfull templating systems and Abbreviations. – Fully Multi-Lingual (m17n). Emacs 24 now includes bidi (bidirectional editing). That means in addition to Latin being native, now Perso-Arabic script is also native emacs. – Of course, Music (emms) and tons of games. And all of this we will show you. This talk will for the most part be interactive demos.


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