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(Dec 2009) NSF SBIR Proposal -- Libre Texting

A Published Libre Record

(Dec 2009) NSF SBIR Proposal -- Libre Texting:

A Reshaping of the Medium

Document Number: Records-200912031   [ .bib ]
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Dated: December 3, 2009
Group: LibreTexting
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Author(s): Mohsen BANAN, Andrew Hammoude
Organization: Neda Communications, Inc
See Also: Libre Texting: a Collaborative Initiative and Reference Implementation

ByStar Libre Texting Business Plan


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This document is the transcript of a Small Business Innovation Program (SBIR) proposal, submitted to the National Science Foundation (NSF) by Neda Communications, Inc. on December 3, 2009.

The proposal describes Libre Texting, a new incarnation of the Mobile Email/Wireless Texting (henceforth just "Texting") medium, based on the Free Software ideology. Today the Texting industry is dominated by the proprietary, walled garden model. The goal of Libre Texting is to provide equivalent functionality to existing proprietary Texting solutions such as BlackBerry, but (a) based entirely on patent-free protocols and free software, (b) using any mobile Internet device, and (c) wherever any type of wireless Internet connectivity is available. The proposed approach comprises five elements:

  1. The inherent propagative power of the Free Software and end-to-end models
  2. An overlay network architecture
  3. A new set of messaging protocols
  4. A novel software architecture for Message Transfer Agent integration
  5. A new software architecture for multiform device integration, based on Device-Resident End-MTA middleware

The proposed technology is highly synergistic with current industry dynamics, including: burgeoning recognition of the power of FOSS, ready availability of Linux-based mobile devices, and widespread Wi-Fi availability. Existing email protocols lack push-mode delivery, and bandwidth and power efficiency; the proposed new protocol profile corrects these shortcomings. The proposed research is to determine feasibility of all critical elements of this approach at large scale.


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