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Due Diligence

Due Diligence
Due Diligence

Anyone who is considering to participate in our plans will wish to conduct an independent due diligence investigation.

In the case of something as large and complex as our Strategic Vision, this is quite challenging. To assist you in this task, we are providing two resources:

  • Due diligence checklist: A checklist of the key assets required to implement our strategic plans.
  • Prior Diligences: Due diligence evaluations written by those who have looked into us previously (see below).

We Welcome, Encourage and Support Your Due Diligences

Deming says: "A system cannot understand itself."

We agree. And Neda, By* Libre Service and Libre Texting are no exception to that.

Given something this large and this complex, it is quite possible that we could go so deep into our own ways that we start getting lost. To prevent this, very often we subject our work to external review and scrutiny.

We always welcome your feedback and encourage you to criticize our work candidly and engage and participate in the open critical process that we have put in place.

Prior Diligences

Consistent with our general policy of openness and transparency, we are making previous due diligence evaluations available to all who may be interested. Our intention is to do this regardless of the substance or conclusions of the evaluation.

The following is a list of independent due diligence evaluations that are currently available. We will make additional evaluations available as they become available to us, provided appropriate permission is granted.

Nov. 2009: National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR Proposal

In June of 2009, we submitted a Small Business Innovation Program (SBIR) proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) titled: "Libre Texting: A Reshaping of the Medium". The complete text of the propsoal is available as Records-200906091 in PDF and HTML formats.

Our proposal was in respone to Program Solicitation NSF 09-541.

The complete text of all review comments that were provided to us are available as Records-200911031.

The review comments that we received from NSF make little sense and we believe are erroneous.

Our interactions with NSF towards clarifying the merits of these review comments have not been productive.

So, we have decided to turn this into a case study and better probe the validity of NSF review comments by making them publicly available.

The complete text of this case study is available as PLPC-110016 in PDF and HTML formats.

Jan. 2003: Greg Amadon/Martin Haberly Due Diligence

In January 2003 Greg Amadon conducted an in-depth due diligence investigation of Neda Communications and Operation WhiteBerry. He commissioned an independent analyst, Martin Haeberli (ex-CTO of Netscape), to review Operation WhiteBerry in detail, make an appraisal of key Neda assets, and interview the Neda principals.

Mr. Amadon has provided us with a copy of Mr. Haeberli's final report, and has granted permission for us to provide it to others.

This report is available as Records-200301211 in PDF and HTML formats.

Publication of (EMSD) RFC-2524: RFC-Editor, IESG, IETF

The process of publishing Efficient Mail Submission and Delivery (EMSD) and an Internet RFC involved major review and controversy at IESG, IAB and IETF.

Complete email communication records regarding publication of RFC-2524 is available as Records-199902261 in HTML format.

IESG's invitation to put RFC-2188 on Standards Track and our Decline

The IESG suggested that we put ESRO (RFC-2188) on IETF Standards Track. We decided not to do that.

Complete email communication records regarding IESG's invitation to put ESRO on IETF Standards Track is available as Records-199811091 in HTML format.

Complaint Against RFC-Editor and IESG About Publication of RFC-2188

The publication of RFC-2188 was unreasonably delayed. It took 8 months. We filed a complaint agaist RFC-Editor and IESG on the main IETF mailing list. This complaint was simultaneous to the publication process of RFC-2524 and we believe that it expedited publication of EMSD as an Internet RFC.

This full text of our complaint is available as PLPC-120026 in PDF and HTML formats.

Our complaint resulted into additional reviews of our work on the main IETF list.

Publication of (ESRO) RFC-2188: RFC-Editor, IESG

The process of publishing Efficient Short Remote Operations (ESRO) as an Internet RFC involved major review by IESG and RFC-Editor.

Complete email communication records regarding publication of RFC-2188 is available as Records-199709101 in HTML format.

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