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Our strategic vision is extremely large in scope. We are proposing the creation of not just one, but two industries, that today do not exist. We are proposing the creation of first, the Open Mobile Messaging (Libre Texting) industry, then beyond that, the Libre Services industry.

We are spearheading this initiative, and we have created a complete, starting-point set of assets that will make all of this a reality. However, something as large and complex as this, clearly, cannot be accomplished by a single company acting alone.

The creation of a new industry requires participation and cooperation by many others: software developers, device manufacturers, network service providers, systems integrators, the investment community, and the academic community. There is opportunity for all, and all must play their role. In short: the creation of an industry requires industry-wide creativity.

To encourage and facilitate the involvement of others, we have created appropriate frameworks in three major areas:

  • Engineering. We have established various forums, mailing lists, software distribution centers and maintenance organizations to facilitate cooperative software engineering development.
  • Business. We have created various forums and resources to facilitate corporate cooperation.
  • Investment. The realization of our strategic vision, in the scope and scale we are proposing, requires investment. We have established a unique framework for private and corporate investment.
We invite and encourage active participation throughout the engineering, business and investment communities.
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